Sunday, 15 January 2017

Software Maintenance Services by CustomSoft

       CustomSoft Software maintenance Services provides enhancements and improvements to existing software that provide the competitive edge needed to stay ahead and succeed in any industry.
         CustomSoft is well equipped to provide a support and maintenance service for Products and Applications. The dedicated product support team at CustomSoft provides application continuity, Help desk management with a high-level Standard Maintenance Procedures Procedural Manuals, infrastructure and ensures maximum application up time.

  • Changing The Data Format
  • Correction in Logic Errors, Coding Errors, Design Errors
  • Modifications
  • Deletions
  • Insertions
  • Enhancements
  • Changes
  • Modifying Supporting Utilities
  • Integrating New Operating Systems
  • Application hosting on dedicated server
  • Managing the continuity and resolving the hardware issues
  • Application Continuity Management
  • Availability Management
  • Capacity Management        
       In today’s world, organizations are rapidly changing themselves for their customer needs. CustomSoft is well known Software Development Company. CustomSoft helps customers to do business better with the help of deep technology expertise.

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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Medical practitioner Android App by CustomSoft

         Medical practitioner Android App by CustomSoft is a Web-based medical billing and practice management solution which is useful for physicians. This Mobile Application suits small practices and billing companies. With Customized Practice Management Android App you can confirm insurance, manage delinquent accounts and the collections process, store patient documents, and develop customized reports and more. 

  • Registration and login
  • Online Patient Form
  • Enquiry and Registration
  • Doctors Appointment
  • Doctor’s information
  • Trusted Database Management
  • Patient Data Access
  • Insurance Management
  • Patient Record Management
  • Patient Report Management
  • Payment Gateway
  • Review and Feedback
  • Attractive UI
  • User Friendly
  • Cost Effective
        CustomSoft is complete Software and Mobile Applications Provider Company based in India. CustomSoft provide complete IT business solutions to organization who would like to have a Web presence for Business.

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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Online Education Software India

           Online Education Software India designed and developed by Custom-Soft helps to manage your classes and students easily with features like Attendance Reporting, Recording, and Notifications. We can reuse lectures recorded by using recording and secure content facility.

          Our Best Online Education Software works with a web browser and is best suited for high-speed internet connections. It works when students are using web-cam along with the instructor. Online Education platforms allow you to share a PowerPoint files and annotate directly on the shared screen.

  • Full-duplex voice over Internet
  • Real-time audio and video communication
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Whiteboard Synchronization
  • Multi user and Multiple video conferencing at low bandwidths
  • Secure recording capabilities
  • Clean and clear
  • Text chatting
  • Use of PPT broadcasting
  • Integrated media player
  • Teacher-managed control options
  • Sharable Applications and desktops
  • Attendance reporting and notifications

  • No travel time required
  • No infrastructure cost
  • No communication costs
  • Exact replica of typical classroom by online trainings
  • Recordable trainings for reuse
  • User Accessibility to all comprehensive knowledge stored

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