Friday, 29 July 2011

.NET Web Application Development | .NET Web Application Development Company

.NET Web Application Development

ASP is usually considered a programming language but its not so. .Net Web Application Development is a technology which develops web apps and manages your entire online business process with consistent plans, analysis and reports.

 ASP .NET is one of the core technologies used for web application development. We, Custom Soft have successfully developed numerous .NET Web Application Development projects.

We have experienced professionals in .Net who gives right solution at the right time. Our Expert .NET developers provide the best optimum solutions for your need.

.NET Web Application Development in  Framework breaks the limitation of one technology, allowing software architects, analysts and developers to utilize most functional and scalable methods during application development process and deliver integrated solutions with highest levels of productivity.

Custom-Soft has created expertise in .NET Web Application Development. We have successfully delivered various projects to our offshore clients from US, UK, Australia, Japan etc

If you have any query about .NET Web application Development then contact us at We will contact you as quickly as possible.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Web Development Services India | Web Development CompanyIndia

Web Development Services India
In Today’s highly competitive world it is essential to develop web site such that it can able to attract potential customers towards it. It is very much essential to develop strategies such that more and more potential client can attract towards your website.

Web development services cover a wide range of spectrum from corporate website design, database driven websites development, e commerce website development, B2B e commerce website development, B2C web development, and Flash development and Website maintenance. 
The cost associated with web development depends on various factors like complexity of design, content of the website, technology and much more.
A website can be the face of the organization on internet. A well formed Website can increase your brand value but if we made mistake over here then it can destroy our market reputation also.

So when we have going towards website Development Company then it is very much important to check

How much experience he had in Web development field?
How instantly he can adjust with latest technology?
Is he going to provide Us Search engine optimized website(SEO )?
What types of Advance Web development tools he used?

We, Custom-Soft have been in the business of Web Application development from more than a decade. We have successfully delivered various projects to our offshore clients from US, UK, Australia, Japan etc.

Send us your inquiry related to web development at our e-mail and we assure to deliver the expertise Web development solutions as quickly as possible.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Outsourcing in India| outsourcing services India

From last several years, Software Outsourcing in India got tremendous scope in US market. There are some reasons for outsourcing in India. Reason can be anything but it is important to remember that a good outsourcing partner can improve your work but if we made a mistake to choose right partner then it can became headache to outsourced services India. 

We, Custom Soft have software development outsourcing with various organizations across globe including US, UK, Australia, Japan, Singapore etc. All these organization choose us as outsourcing services partner after checking our quality services and many more reason as below...

One Stop Service:
We have the breadth of services to act as one-stop shop for all your software requirements.

Technical Expertise: 

Our team has remarkable experience in almost all the leading technology platforms to develop various business applications. 

Faster ROI: 

 With a low Operating Cost and a Zero Capital cost to our client enjoys a long term business association with us. Experience cost saving for your project. 

Time to Value: 

While keeping pace with the changing business needs of our clients and dynamism of technology, we have established record for delivering solutions quickly and on time. 

  It’s our practice to deliver well within time and on budget. 

Ready to deploy:
 To meet the growing needs of client's software we have a ready to deploy resource. Our resource management team will take care of resource planning and deployment. 

Custom Soft is CMM level III Company with ISO 9001 certified for its quality service.We assured you a quality service. Still  have some queries  then contact us at We can outsource as per clients requirement

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Healthcare Software| Healthcare Software System

       In recent years, healthcare sector has experienced dramatic change, extraordinary competition, and increasingly complex regulation. This sector has changes its face every day in addition to high political visibility.
          Custom Soft has exposure and experience in customize healthcare software systems for hospitals and life sciences clients to build their businesses.
        Healthcare Software creates a solution for you to reduce cost and improvised your business processes for making it more customer-centric. Our focus is on customer satisfaction in terms of improving its operational efficiencies, patient care, quality, safety &reduces risk.
        We leverage our technical expertise to deliver healthcare & life science solutions to address the business problems faced by healthcare which include healthcare scheduling software, home healthcare software, healthcare billing software etc.
         The healthcare industry is a broad and complex industry. It  consist number of different player including  healthcare providers, managed care operators, various kinds of vendors supplies, services, medical products and medical devices, in addition to patients and payers.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Shipping Software| shipping software programs

When we talk about shipping software and what its use to shipping company? Then we can think that shipping software program can save time of staff members to deals with packages rather than telling customers exactly when their shipments will arrive.  

 Recently I read news, some pet supply company use shipping software to reduce their shipping work. This can surely be good example that how much shipping software need in current era.

We, Custom Soft always create best software to satisfy our customers need. Our Customize shipping software can always fulfill customers need. The custom shipping software automates many common shipping procedures while providing detailed reports for the tracking of packages.

We develop Customize shipping software for client with flexibility that he can ask any value added feature in software. Feature which may present in tracking software, fright shipping software, cargo shipping software, shipping management software etc.

Improve your shipping business by dropping an e-mail at  Our representatives will contact you soon

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

professional medical billing software | online medical billing software

 Custom soft is always a solution for efficient and effective development of customizing software for your clinic, hospital or medical practice. Our Client across the globe always prefers custom soft for any software need.

Custom Soft provides comprehensive solution of online medical billing software and medical coding software to you, which suits your medical billing requirements at very reasonable rate. We have strong outsourcing knowledge and practices as delivered many medical billing and coding software to many companies in India, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, USA and UK.

We are professional medical billing software developer for more than hundreds of clients. We have a good experience in development of web based medical billing software as per your need.

Feature point of medical billing software:
  • Reduce the overall cost of Medical Bills
  • Reduce ratio of average Payer Denials
  • Hassle free Medical Billing
  • Easy Medical Billing by using Payroll and taxes
  • No need to have manual working staff
  • Get paid faster as compared to the manual medical billing processes
Like this software then drop an e-mail to us at to know more about medical billing software.

Monday, 18 July 2011

An Introduction to EMR Software| Web Based EMR Programs

In today's ever-changing healthcare sector, electronic medical records (EMR) software   should have to change as per customer’s requirement to establish and maintain creditability in work. 

Newer systems allow EMR to stay ahead of the game and give customer a well desire confidence and attention they need. Web based EMR systems will allow physician to establish and maintain a relationship with patient.

Some key feature points present in our EMR system: 

• Storing and receiving records of patients without complications

• Easy programming and reporting of patient appointments

• Storage of patient notes, prescriptions, vital signs, labs, etc.

• Use medical billing and charging procedures without complications

• Educate the relevant parts of the letter of the patients to see

• Ensure access to patient records from anywhere, at any time and from any compatible device

All these features help us to create
top EMR software for our customers from all over the globe including US ,UK ,Canada, Australia etc .

EMR solutions not only help patient but also to our own staff to. Staffs no longer need to search through countless numbers to find files and patient records, pictures and other details. Web based EMR will help your staff to access, store and chart information in more smart way.

implementation will surely helpful to you to provide more effective customer service and make your life much less complicated for your staff and practice by applying user-friendly services.

Make smarter move by sending an email at quickly for developing expertise custom healthcare software solutions in US, UK, Australia, France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Singapore and Malaysia.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Web Based Healthcare Software development | web based software

In today’s health care sector a lot of data are generated that will eventually to be access by several departments of a hospital. These data are sensitive personal data that reveal the most personal part of an individual’s life. Therefore, it is extremely important to secure it from intruders as virus and Trojan. 

At custom soft we developed  web based application systems for health care industry, we implement appropriate access control mechanisms and other safeguards, also.

In healthcare sector, Custom Soft offer different web based application such as, web based medical billing software , web based medical software ,web based medical web based home health software ,web based medical billing ,web based EMR ,web based EMR software ,web based software

When you outsourced healthcare software from Custom Soft, you get the advantages of a full-cycle custom software development according to your specific healthcare business requirement. We have successfully delivered various web based software to more than hundred clients across USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. WE are always prepared to innovate.

Want to know more about web based software application? Then email us at quickly.