Monday, 30 May 2011

Searching Offshore Software Outsourcing Company in India

While searching for offshore software development and software outsourcing company in India; always keep below checklist ready:

  • Timing of outsourcing a software product
  • Cost required for outsourcing the software application
  • Quality at offshore software development company
  • Skill-set offered by the outsourcing company
  • Resources available for your software product development
  • Outsourcing relationship and Communication
  • Offshore software methodologies used in that company
  • Outsourcing Process Management at the other end
Custom Soft is the leading offshore software outsourcing company in India & delivering many successful outsourcing software product development services across globe to various clients in UK, USA, Australia, Canada, France, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Japan and Netherlands.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Software and Product Maintenance Services

 Software services includes various types such as development services, testing services, enhancement services, maintenance and various other services. Custom Soft provides you Software Maintainance Services software's. Because only development is not important we need to keep our software updated and maintained.

To keep track of data, new modules and adding new features all this needs to handle your software and maintain it properly.
Same thing you need to follow in case of  products. So to get custom offshore software and product development visit us at custom software development and get good s/w and product maintenance services.

Please email us your queries at and get a free quote i.e. demo for your reference.

Software Services by Custom Soft

Custom Soft is basically a offshore software development company which deals in custom development. Customization is new way of getting quality and useful software's and applications. Applications can be of various types may be e-learning applications, desktop applications, business applications like ERP, CRM.
So as we know its very much important to test a software or application to check whether it's running properly on not.. So getting good Software Testing Services is very important for your software or application.

Now days Software Enhancement Services have become very much popular among users. Enhancing means adding something new to you software it may be in terms of integration with new platforms or may be upgrading your software with new plugins.
So we always prefer those who provides best services to us. That's why Custom Soft is popular among various sectors like healthcare, insurance, education for providing quality software's and related services.
You can get more information about above services. Don't hesitate and email us at and Visit for additional info.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Outsourcing Practices And Vendor Selection

Outsource product development means getting your project developed with good and best  Outsourcing Practices . These practices includes every minute aspect of your project and what kind of people handing your projects? .

Custom-soft always provides best outsourcing practices in market. There some following topics where we need concentrate while handling outsourcing project.
  • Relation between team members
  • Weekly or seasonal meetings about projects.
  • Penalties and payment issues
  • Building healthy positive environment.
  • Training and development issues 
Here also some more points we need to remember such as  Vendor Selection Guidelines

to make project selection, development, deployment in easy and best way.
Custom Soft provides various development services like outsource and offshore services and if you want to know more about our services please contact us with your queries at

Customization Services : Custom Development Services

 Custom application means adding or correcting some application features and property. Customization services doesn't mean building from scratch, it's like modifying whatever available in good way.

Custom soft have it's special customization service center where you need to specify your requirements and your projects will be ready within couple of days. We need to just modify the it and make a brand new software.

We provides various important offshore and outsourcing of software development projects. We always work for customers benefit in case of quality and in case of cost reduction.
 So to get offshore customizable services and outsourcing of your custom projects email us your information at out id i.e. and get good way to get your own application i.e your own custom application.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Offshore Software Product Development | Outsourced Product Development

Software development companies are always their to manage the projects and quality project development. Now a days in market company who provides effective and fast services will be more achieving and growing firm. Most of the organization now days follows the outsourcing techniques. Because various offshore clients needs their product implementation in less time with cost reduction. So these type of clients always look for best offshore and outsource process management company.

Offshore Software Product Development  is very much important in case of global market. You need to make and deploy your projects within deadlines without any errors. And also need to provide future assistance to problems. Custom-soft is leading software organization in India have Outsourced Product Development branch. They always deal in best of the services available.
We always provide best Offshoring Process Management  in the market. so contact us for more services at And get best services in India, UK, USA, Australia.