Sunday, 26 April 2015

Recruitment Portal by Custom-Soft

        Those days are gone where you can get jobs by reading advertisement in newspapers, visiting office personally, submitting handwritten resumes again many follow ups for feedback.. 
       Nowadays, there is rat race in every professional field. Recruitment Portal developed by Custom Soft is dedicated for online information about employers as well as job seekers.

     Online Recruitment Portal is the system where Job Seeker can search various jobs and apply for the same. Employers can also post the details of job requirements and Job description.

Modules of Custom Soft Job Portal system: 

Administrator: Admin can manage employer as well as job seekers.
2. Employer: Employer can manage only his account and can see and download bio data of the candidates but cannot modify it
3. Job Seeker: job seekers can see all the job vacancies and can apply as per their interest

Functionality of Custom Soft Job Portal system:
  • Admin can confirm or decline both the users- employer // job seeker
  • Admin will get user access status and usage especially for employers
  • Employer can post job description
  • Employer can see and download CVs of the candidates
  • Can send mass mail at a time to large number of people
  • Employer can save and sent various job templates as per requirement
  • Employer can sort and save shortlisted CVs
  • Employer can convert search into excel or pdf format
  • Job Seeker can manage his account, search and apply for various jobs
Benefits of Custom Soft Job Portal system
  •  Attractive UI
  •  User Friendly
  •  Time Saving
  •  Large number of database available
  •  Trusted account Management
  •  Easy to manage accounts
  •  Compatible with all devices
  •  Cost Effective
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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Online Dating Website by Custom Soft

      Nowadays, site visitors expect a little more than just a matchmaking service. They want a site where they can interact with others and have fun while looking for their perfect match. You can create groups, albums, blogs, social connections with base idea of dating site.
      While considering the taste of today’s generation your site must be eye-catching and easily manageable.

Features of dating site
  • Eye catching design with user friendly interface
  • Advertising possible or hall booking, event organizers etc
  • Encoded video
  • Accessible all over the world
  • Quick search and Advance search facility
  • Event calendar with reminder facility via SMS
  • Trusted Account Management
  • Responsive website
  • Meeting arrangement
  • Tie up with top restaurants// places for meetings
  • Cost effective
  • Trusted database Management
  • Affiliate payment tools

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Restaurant Management System introduces by Custom Soft

       Custom Soft Pune based Software Development company announced its new product ‘Customized Restaurant Management system’ Custom Soft Restaurant Management System has internet marketing services which can be useful for improving your restaurant business by attracting customers to the restaurant website and thus result in increased restaurant booking

  • Inventory Control: Orders, receives, Inventory Usage, Good cost
  • Analyzed food cost: Food costing with Receipt and ingredients
  • Report: sales reports with online payment options
  • Payroll: time attendance of labors and staff
  • Booking: booking table
  • Takeaway facility
  • Advertising
  • Feedback and comments
  • Compatibility for Iphone and android devices

Customized Restaurant Management will help-
  • To reduces human errors
  • Improves quality and best options
  • Cost effective
  • Accuracy in Report generation
  • Hassel free booking and avoid double booking
  • Maximize your revenue

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Real Estate Management System India

       Real Estate Management System is to manage customers, properties and agent and to maintain number of sales made by them. Real Estate Management System maintains a record of the customers, their property, and other agent who work with them and also provides options for buying the property or to take property on rent.

      Agents can store the property as per their origin e.g if a property is coming through a new customer then the agent can link that property to that customer and also can manage records old customers.

    Owner of the property can register and upload property details with photographs. Owner can manage property costing. 

     Buyer can purchase or take property on rent. He can also get costing estimates for similar properties from his preferred location. He can also get many other options according to his budget.

Benefits and features of Real Estate Management System
  • Manages all the accounts details
  • Trust Account Management
  • Allows other agents for their advertising
  • Compatible with Iphone and Android devices
  • Property database Management
  • Sales and Customer relationship Management
  • Generate new referrals and listings
  • Allows facility to pay online by using paymasters
  • Gallery upload
  • Front and back office management and reporting
  • Dedicated ongoing support services
  • Low cost and effective management solution

The key factor behind the success of Custom Soft is client satisfaction and high quality of software Development.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Custom Soft E-learning System (LMS) Software

        For years, learning has been reserved for select topics and departments, leaving the rest of your business to train with emails and ad-hoc meetings. Custom Soft offers an innovative and intuitive solution that rescues organizations from these outdated learning mediums. Custom Soft has E-learning system software that will meet your needs and budget:

     Custom Soft offers the best E-learning platform for educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities. Custom Soft has expertise in E-learning that provides classroom education as well as workplace training.

Custom Soft LMS includes:
·         Induction
·         Web sites
·         Content Production / Integration
·         Consultancy
·         Learning Management System

Custom Soft LMS software is also available on Android and iphone version
 Custom Soft LMS Software meets the business requirement of Client
·         Very Flexible and accommodating software
·         User friendly
·         Mobile Compatible
·         Real time Report generation
·         Dedicated Support from Custom Soft
·         Cost Effective E-learning Management System (LMS)

Custom Soft truly believes on client satisfaction and high quality of software. Currently more than 35 institutions in USA are using this software. Clients from U.S., U.K. Canada, Australia, are using Custom Soft E-learning Management System.

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