Tuesday, 30 August 2011

.NET migration Services | .NET migration | .NET Migration Services in India

.NET Migration

Business applications need to more interoperable to facilitate the varying needs of customers as per the requirement. Outsourcing Programming Services is a diversified Indian firm concentrating on.NET migration services to provide customers with the most cost-effective business solutions in a timely manner.

We ensure that the updates are provided as and when available. The services of Outsourcing Programming Services (OPS) will prove to be more valuable when applications are required to implement in a competitive business environment.

.NET Migration Services

Outsourcing Programming Services is best known for the migration services it offers related to various applications across numerous platforms.

Here are a few of the migration services we provide you with:
  • Migration of apps across any platform including .NET and other frameworks
  • Migrating apps among various operating systems such as Windows and Linux
Apart from the above migration services, OPS is well regarded for the services it offers related to the migration of applications and their features as per the convenience.

Advantages of Migration on .NET with us

We, at OPS, provide you with several advantages once you allow us to migrate the applications using .NET framework. You can stay ahead of competition by preferring our web services for which some of the advantages you get are as mentioned below:
  • Saving time in developing new applications
  • Increasing the efficiency levels of the applications
  • Reducing costs that would have incurred in creating new apps
Send us e-mail at and we assure to deliver the expertise custom insurance software solutions as quickly as possible.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Custom Web Development | Custom Web development company in India

Custom Web Development
web development refers to constructing a website for the internet or intranet. However, if judged from a broader perspective, developing a site involves a lot of aspects of utmost complexities. Web development is a vast concept that includes web content development, web design, client/server side scripting, network security and many more important aspects.

For most of the web professionals, web development restricts to code writing, thereby excluding the very concept of designing. A website can be customized in accordance with the individual needs of a business owner. In fact, custom web development is much in vogue nowadays because it fits the needs and suits the defined budget of the website owners.

Web development can be of both simple and complex dimensions.  Developing a static single page containing of plain test involves simplicity. On the other hand, building dynamic pages which provide web-based internet applications integrates multiple layers of complexity. A web developer must be efficient enough to incorporate the features and facilities in a site to serve the specific purposes of a customer. Tailored-made services not only cater to the unique requirements of an individual but also come easy on his wallet. It is the reason why the custom web development is waving a rage nowadays.

Custom Soft is web development company having expertise in webdevelopment in PHP ,.NET , Java etc. We have a client from US, UK,Japan, Australia, India etc.
Want to developed website then contact US at We will contact you as soon as possible.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Opensource Web Development | Opensource Web Development India

Open source Web Development
PHP Web development is an open source, platform independent and reflective programming language for creating dynamic web pages for developing PHP web applications like e-commerce portals and social networking sites.
Now a days, PHP is heavily used for developing low cost web solutions for variety of purposes. PHP is an open source, many users are contributing continuously to make PHP feature rich.

Custom Soft offers expert PHP Web development for various needs of customers. Depending on customer specific requirements, our PHP software development team is capable to develop a customized LAMP-based solution from considerably small website to complex internet application. We value the time and cost saving advantages of open source technologies to deliver full-featured, scalable and inexpensive web solutions. PHP is a quick solution for cheap, fast, reliable and secure web application development.
We at Custom Soft, can help you with its custom PHP software development services for open source web application development projects.

Custom Soft delivered expert PHP Web Development Services to clients from all over the world including UK, Australia, USA, Japan, Malaysia and India.

 If you have any query regarding PHP Web Development then mail us at Our Sales Representative contact as soon as possible.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Virtual class Room Software Developement in India

Virtual classroom software
Virtual Classroom Software Developed by Custom Soft is a very simple to use. It Provide simple user interface which helps you to focus on your teaching - not the technology. We can offer browser-like tabbed interface and MS Office like keyboard shortcuts as per need. You simply have to log in to start your class. You can invite any number of attendees, whether that’s just one student getting one-on-tutoring or 500 people who want to hear your lecture!

Virtual classroom software features two-way audio and video, screen-share, whiteboard, and polling. It works with a web browser and is best suited for high-speed internet connections. It works when students are using web-cam along with the instructor. Virtual classroom platforms allow you to share a PowerPoint files and annotate directly on the shared screen.

Virtual Classroom software or Online Course Software Features:
  • Clean and clear
  • Full-duplex voice over Internet
  • Use of PPT broadcasting
  • Whiteboard Synchronization
  • Multi user and Multiple video conferencing at low bandwidths
  • Sharable Applications and desktops
Online Classes Software or Online Course Software Advantages:
  • No travel time required
  • No infrastructure cost
  • No communication costs
  • Exact replica of typical classroom by online trainings
  • Recordable trainings for reuse
  • User Accessibility to all comprehensive knowledge stored
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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Web Development process | Outsourcing Web Development process

Web Development Process
As a reputed and innovative web development company, we always have to provide excellent Web services to our clients. Clients are from various fields an e-commerce website, a corporate website or customized web applications etc we are always be ahead of every other website Development Company in the world.

Offshore .Net Development, a unit of Custom Soft, is one of the leading solution providers in the field of .NET web development. Our team of highly skilled and qualified professionals have hands on experience on ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET and similar such technologies supported by the .net platform.

Be it design, development or testing, our professionals leave no stone unturned to ensure a flawless output. Our aim is to provide business transformational solutions that bring real value to our clients. Offshore .Net Development seeks to be your partner in growth and we consider ourselves as not just vendors but as catalysts of change.
Our Web Development implementation goes from various different Phase. Such as 

Analyzing Requirement 

Proper Planning


The Testing

After testing phase, we deploy the application. We have pool of professional .NET Web Developer with help of them our testing phase completed in very less time.

If anyone having outsourcing, offshore .NET Web development requirements send mail to us at We are providing Outsourcing services to various clients from US, UK, Japan; Australia etc. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Outsourcing Web Development Services | Outsourcing web development Company

Outsourcing Web Development Sevices
India is the largest marketplace for outsourcing firms for internet development. The Indian market for web development services is the finest services in the world with less expensive rates. So outsourcing for web development services outside US or Europe always leads you to most profitable location: India. Professional in the IT field score above most IT graduates all over Europe or US with out standing English fluency in academic writing and speaking also.

Each and every company has its own particular needs and they are searching for the partner who will be more specific to their need. Custom Soft is one of the most respected businesses for outsourcing web development with an extended experience in delivering development of custom solutions.

We are Experts in global marketplace typically opt for outsourcing, especially offshore outsourcing for Web development. This is why offshore outsourcing in India, is a very suited solution. Internet and software program development outsourcing in India is particularly a profitable method that supports you to benefit from the expert professionals amongst internet developers internet developers

Offshore web development organizations situated in India function as global IT consulting and service provider for total custom Web Development programming, beginning with the product thought, outsourcing software program and ending with constant support and creative enhancement solutions.

Custom Soft is one of the most respected businesses for outsourcing web development with an extended experience in delivering development of custom solutions.

If anyone having outsourcing, offshore Web development requirements send mail to us at We are providing Outsourcing services to various clients from US, UK, Japan, Australia etc.We will contact you as soon as possible.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Web Development Services | Web Development company in India

Web Development Services
Whenever you hit a website or blog, the first two things, which catch your attention, are its design and content. Speaking in a broader term, web content consists of text, pictures/images, video/audio clips, graphics, animation and other multimedia effects.

A well designed Web Development Services draws visitor to it, while rich, useful and unique content keeps them glued for considerable time and encourages them to click deeper into the website. Even a brilliantly designed web page with poor content repels visitors and damages the reputation of the website.

Today, web development companies are embracing technologies and development platforms to fulfill the on-demand requirements of end-users.Custom Soft provides web development services at its dedicated Offshore Web Development Service Center in Pune, India. The web applications we develop help reduce operational costs, improve workflow, and find cost-effective ways of carrying out your business.

Our Key Web development services:

PHP Web Development
Custom Web Development Programming
Content Management System
Learning Management System / Knowledge Management Solutions

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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Content Management System | Content Management System Designer in India

PHP content management systems are used for various purposes like writing, editing large no articles at a time. PHP CMS manages the huge amount of data very easily. PHP CMS system van be designed to get better requirements and better understood by users.

Custom-soft have created many PHP CMS for various customers from various organization. Also custom-soft provides 24 hours assistance for solutions. An experienced PHP programmer handles the content management systems.

    To handle multiple users at a time.
    To serve customers and user with their requirement and gives solutions to them
    To give users familiar and friendly user platform

Benefits PHP CMS Software - PHP Content Management System:

    Complex website can be maintained properly
    Proper division of site layout and site content
    Last main aspect is coding with has great flexibly

We have delivered various customized PHP CMS software application to many customers across USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India.

Make a smart move by sending us an e-mail at with all your details and our technical team will get back to you soon. Start a journey towards success by using our best PHP CMS software now!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Java web application development in India | Java web development in India

Custom Soft is a leader in Java Web  Development services. The company has vast experience in managing & implementing offshore IT projects. We  provides a wide range of Java Web Development services such as J2EE Web Application Development, Spring Java Web Development, Struts J2EE Web Development, Custom Java Web Development, Java Applications Integration and  many More.

We can divide Java into 3 sections 

JDK  (Java Development Kit-for desktop or general purpose programming),
J2EE  (Java Platform, Enterprise Edition-for server side web programming)
J2ME  (Java Platform, Micro Edition-specifically designed for mobile devices and embedded systems).

At Custom Soft, we have developed a team for in-house Java Web Development. IT is changing at a rapid speed and we strongly believe to be updated with technology to fulfill our customers need. Our team of developers is capable of working on a wide range of advanced Java projects, catering to a diverse range of industry segments.

Our company is a one-stop shop for all your Java Web Development needs. We take in being innovative and in offering one-stop services to our clients. Whether you are looking for an end-to-end Java Development or a specific Java component for your business, we have the answer. This expertise makes us a reliable partner to take up application development projects that address business situations.

Make smarter move by sending an email us at  quickly for Java Web Application Development in US, UK, India, Australia, France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Singapore and Malaysia.

PHP Web Application Development in India | PHP Web Development in India

PHP Web Application Development
PHP Development is one of the best and most used programming language for web application development.  PHP Web Development is widely used to create an eye-catching website and dynamic web pages for any kind of business. We offer a great range of ultimate and cost effective PHP Web Development services to our clients across the worldwide. 

Our expert PHP developer serves our client with the best PHP services to meet their business needs. We use the most efficient and latest PHP development technologies that provide an extensible architecture for developing and maintaining applications.

Our PHP Development Services Include:

Custom PHP Web Development
Content Management System
Web Application Development with PHP and MySQL
PHP E-commerce Website Development
Portal and Application Development in Different PHP Frameworks

Major Benefits of PHP Web Application Development

Easily embedded with HTML
Cost Effective Development and Maintenance Solutions
High Performance & Complete Reliability
Uses in Different Platforms - Windows, Linux and Unix and Other
Increase Productivity and Sales by building CRM Using PHP & My SQL

Make smarter move by sending an email us at  quickly for PHP Web Application Development in US, UK, India, Australia, France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Singapore and Malaysia.