Thursday, 18 August 2011

Virtual class Room Software Developement in India

Virtual classroom software
Virtual Classroom Software Developed by Custom Soft is a very simple to use. It Provide simple user interface which helps you to focus on your teaching - not the technology. We can offer browser-like tabbed interface and MS Office like keyboard shortcuts as per need. You simply have to log in to start your class. You can invite any number of attendees, whether that’s just one student getting one-on-tutoring or 500 people who want to hear your lecture!

Virtual classroom software features two-way audio and video, screen-share, whiteboard, and polling. It works with a web browser and is best suited for high-speed internet connections. It works when students are using web-cam along with the instructor. Virtual classroom platforms allow you to share a PowerPoint files and annotate directly on the shared screen.

Virtual Classroom software or Online Course Software Features:
  • Clean and clear
  • Full-duplex voice over Internet
  • Use of PPT broadcasting
  • Whiteboard Synchronization
  • Multi user and Multiple video conferencing at low bandwidths
  • Sharable Applications and desktops
Online Classes Software or Online Course Software Advantages:
  • No travel time required
  • No infrastructure cost
  • No communication costs
  • Exact replica of typical classroom by online trainings
  • Recordable trainings for reuse
  • User Accessibility to all comprehensive knowledge stored
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