Friday, 29 April 2011

Online Reservation software

Now days internet is becoming a great place to search for various hotels, travel agencies, various places. Importance of internet in case of online booking and reservation is increasing day by day. Now people mostly search online systems which gives information about flights, trains and available transportation to various destinations. So for working person this process is very less time consuming and helpful in case of emergency.
In this category hotel booking is the main sector people search for, because in case of traveling and all it makes sense that if you do online reservation then this will find easy in your traveling and spending holidays.

Various hotels and hospitality management places use Online Reservation Software  this software this in saving your time and money. We develop custom online software like this. It depends on user what kind of interface and modules they want in software. So usually we try to make user friendly interfaces and simple one.
You will get all the flight timing, departure timings, day, date, various facilities and billing payment will be easily done online.

Hotel Reservation Software  is also one of the highest selling software in US, UK, USA . We do offshore development in India, US, UK, Canada. We have experts in our team to design your dream software. So get in touch and send us email at , And find your answers.

Hotel Management Software

Hotel Management system is best and ideal solution for hospitality management. Hotel management system has various modules working simultaneously. So modules should be uploaded properly. Every hotel or hospitality organization have their own rules and own schedules. So it's very important for that organization to go for a Custom Hotel Software development. Because it better and efficient when we work in better processing environment.
Following modules we always need to take care while developing:
  1. Reservations
  2. Front Office
  3. Point of Sale
  4. Accounting
  5. House Keeping Store
  6. Store
All these modules includes things like sales, marketing, billing, room servicing and room booking and various other activity. So Hotel Management Software will help you in handling these king of hospitality processes. Custom soft provides you development assistance for this software. We have provided various offshore software development services also. We also work for countries like US, UK, USA, Australia and Canada.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Content Management System

Content management mainly concerned with your skills of managing online content because if you have website content organization you need to make a easy way to manage all the things to get content to make a list of various content models and all.
We need to understand that time is money so mostly people try to work in less time creates outputs.
Content Management Systemis good options to manage your online or Enterprise content properly. This provides facility of huge content storage and content managing  facility. So this will save your place and time.

Same way in case of educational filed are important e-Learning Software Servicesin case of various aspects. Aspects like keeping data secure, providing all study material to student or concerned person. Managing trainings and exams. Checking assignments and all. So you need to create a custom E-learning software service.

Custom Soft is a software development company and have done various offshore software development projects. We have provided software's like E-learning systems, LMS systems in India, UK, USA, Canada and Australia

We provide good solution for this e-learning software and content management systems. And for more information email us at

LMS Systems and E-learning Softwares

LMS meas learning management systems. This type of systems are majorly used educational fields like schools, universities and in companies also. E-learning has got very much importance now days. So LMS provides us online training and good scheduling of our work and our time.

There are various modules of E-learning software's. We need to get rid of normally old education process so for that LMS - Learning Management Systems will help you to take one step ahead. These software's are very much useful can can be build i.e. developed depending on personal requirement and need.

These type of software development is called as Custom E-Learning Software development So things like online course training, online classes, virtual classes can be handled easily using this.
People doing part time jobs or working and still want to learn something new then LMS is the best option for them.
So custom Soft is the best option for you to get cheaper and flexible E-learning software and LMS. We have special group of people working for these type of project. And we also provide 24/7 hours assistance for the support thing.
To get your and customized E-learning software please email us your requirements at

Healthcare Software Product Development | Healthcare Software Application Outsourcing Company India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan

Now a days health-care industries are booming and growing rapidly in the market. We need to keep every track and market strategies handled by our competitors. Because as we are moving towards globalization we need to adopt new technology features in every sector in day to day life.

Healthcare Software Product Development
This has given rise to in Healthcare Software Product Development health care sector. We are very much concentrated upon the strategies used to make communication with users and targeted clients.

 In small clinic or big organization you can use  healthcare software development so that patient information access, billing, medicinal prescriptions or any insurance policy related work can be stored properly and can have better handling. This will save time and will make employees to work rapidly and instantly.

As a software development firm we understand your needs and will are ready to create your own customized software. So make your organization work better. Contact us with your information at

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Web Based Insurance Software

Insurance software can be a option for good insurance services and support Web Based Insurance Software
Provides online interaction with clients. Also you can give all the details to them. Dynamic changes can be done properly. Web based insurance software are efficient to handle the online transaction and data base connectivity.

Also you can make your own and custom software like Insurance broker software to get more benefits in brokerage section. So you an keep track of people and useful clients. You can sort out the targeted clients.

In this way custom-soft gives you opportunity to make your own insurance broker software and web based insurance software. So you can email us with your all requirements at to get customized software of your choice.

We also provide offshore services and solutions from years in countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia.

Insurance Management software

Insurance is a sector where every individual want to invest something for betterment of his life and in later phases of life. So insurance companies need to create some good sources to people so as to make some reputation in market. So as insurance companies have to manage large data and various policy and claims sectors they always need a best system to manage it.
Insurance Management Software is a good option for getting best control on your data and users. So you can manage thousands users. And easy to track their insurance policies and information. This definably will help you to grow your business.

Insurance policy mostly depends on documents. they have to maintain documents of the clients like various certificate related to birth, schooling, medical certificates. So manually it doesn't make any sense. so insurance company prefers software's like  so they can keep documents Insurance DMS safely and can update data.

Custom-soft provides various service for insurance sector also. And we have various clients from US, UK, London, Canada. So email your requirement and information at

.Net Migration Techniques

.Net technology have great important in field of technology. Because people always love to have deal with great programming environment and flexibility in development process. And now world is changing to to be race with new world we always want to adopt new techniques and new technologies. Technologies like vb, asp , php are now can be migrated to .net platforms with the help of  .NET Migration services.
Migration means changing one programming platform to advanced on i.e. having new features and upgrades in term of development.
Also .net provides various services like web services and Custom .NET Development
In customization we can produce products or software's which are actually wanted by end users and fulfill theirs requirements.

We have experience of outsource .Net technologies and products. We have clients from various countries so for a long time commitment for your own custom developments and software's email us at with your contact details and get a good deal.

Purchase Order and shopping cart software

Now a days various software's needed to make your business efficient and to grow your business. People always want to spend less time in shopping and other work. So they need some smart machines to handle billing and all. Also small organizations need some tools or software's to make work and data handling easy.
  For example  like Purchase Order Software it keeps all the purchase details maintained. So these details will help us in future to maintain the catalog and to help organization economically.

There few other softwares also which makes work easy like Shopping Cart Software this software can be used online also for online shopping portals.
It keeps all the data related sales, shopping and what king of products in market also can play role as sun inventory project.

Custom soft developed some software related to this category and they have been successfully implemented by the various users in UK, USACanada and Australia.

For more information about these software please email us at

Small Business ERP and Web Based ERP

Here ERP basically means that you need to target your goals and customers. ERP systems basically used to handle various processes like supply chain management, back-end activities and marketing things.
Small business ERP is very much essential and important in developing business.

If we need to improve our business we always need to use new technology so as to achieve traffic and targeted users.

Web based ERP is also a good option in ERP systems. Here dynamic transaction can be handled in less time.
We need to understand the market strategies properly .

Custom-soft provides various ERP software's for small organization and make it useful for your business growth.
And for more assistance on small business ERP email us at

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

.Net Services and web services

.Net technology is very popular among the developers and users. Because .net provides very good options about upgrading system and making changes in the program. Also we can migrate our projects from one platform to other.
In all .Net programming provides us flexibility for development and programming. .NET Services also very much important.
Custom soft is mainly working in .net technology software development.It also provides assistance in future development or any modification in project. 
We have experienced developers and programmers to achieve their goals and customers satisfaction. And we also provide .NET Web Based Services .
We have various types of modules and strategies while developing the software.
We have effective and efficient model in concern so as to achieve the target.

.Net windows application development

.Net technology is very popular and rapidly growing in field of development and programming. As every things has limitations and benefits here .Net technology gives you mostly beneficial features and guarantee you best deal.
You need to get your requirements correctly to the developers and they will help you about it. Basically it important while designing a custom application for a organization.
.Net provides various features like .Net Application Development and following are the few of them:
  • .Net migration techniques
  • .Net Application development
  • .NET Windows Application  development
  • Web based .net software's and applications.
Custom soft have best team of developers to provide you best software's and applications. And we provide various software services also. We also develop software's in .net, java, asp, PHP, Delphi.

Email us your inquiries with your details at and get your .Net application created soon.

Custom CRM solutions and services

CRM is related with customer relationship, market strategies and sales. In the field of business he end users and customers are very much important. If you want to improve your business you need quality customers and users. So while having your own organizational CRM system you always need to customize it.
    For this Custom CRM Solutions is the better option. Custom means you can create your software or application with your requirement and necessary features. Here it's important to make your ideas and suggestions to be implemented here by us.
Custom Soft have years experience to make your software's and application. We have expertise which is one of the  best developers team in development market. And we are excellent offshore software supplier and developer. Mostly we provide our services in countries like UK, USA, Canada. 

CRM has many types and modules such as .Net based CRM and PHP Custom CRM Application so you can use any technology of your choice to make CRM applications. 

So to get your own CRM applications please email us at at   

Web based java CRM solutions

CRM i.e. customer relationship management is the best way to meet your customers requirement and to communicate with them properly. In this category many software's can be developed but Web based Java CRM Solution is the best option for this. Because this CRM is platform independent and you can use it or run it on any OS.
Also other CRM options are good here options like PHP based and .NET Based CRM solution  so you select these also.
As all CRM projects are provides by custom-soft. We always have a fare deal we always create best application for our end users. And we have clients from UK, USA, Canada, Australia.
If you want to create more applications like this don't hesitate to contact us at And get the best deal of your life.

POS Software development | Point of sale software development and solution

Point of sale software has got very much importance in field of retails and finance. If you want to be stable at your e-commerce side you need to make a good deal with the tool and software's you are using to flourish and to grow your business.
Point of sale software development is the main idea behind all these things. Because it important to keep our data safe and to manage and edit your data properly.
It gives you details of marketing and cost controlling strategy and data related to it. Various POS softwares developed by custom-soft now a days used by more than 200 organizations . Becuase we provide accuracy and development scope for the user.

 Custom-soft have a strong team of developers to take care of all the needs of end user. We also provide 24/7 assistance for you. We provide Custom Retail Software Development in various countries like USA, UK, Malaysia.
So get your customized retail software soon. For that email us at

Monday, 25 April 2011

HL7 Integration software | Outsource HL7 Integration Software Development | HL7 Integration Software Application Development Company

HL7 software has importance in today's era. They provide efficient transfer of data which is formatted in compatible format and transfer data in less time.
Custom Soft have specialized branch in creating HL7 application or modules. We also provide HL7 plug-in of HL7.

Custom soft have experienced developer who are working on various custom healthcare software worldwide. They are providing best health care development solutions worldwide.
HL7 Integration Software Development  is one the best specialized branch custom-soft working on. We provide awesome assistance and applications for you.

We Outsource HL7 Integration Software Development and as a leading HL7 Integration Software Application Development Company we work in various region like USA, UK, Canada.

So soon mail us at to get best deals.

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EHR Software | Electronic Health Records Software | EHR Software System Development

EHR software's are electronic health records softwares. This is very much important that what kind of software or tool you are using for this process. Because as medical field is connected to this you need to keep all the data correct and secure will information of patients.
Here may be it's important to manage the data so it's necessary to build custom software of your choice. Also EHR keeps track of policy and claims related with patients and their billing and coding information also.

Electronic Health Records Software

Bigger organizations prefers EHR software's but in case of smaller clinics and health-care institutes can use Practice Management Software which can assist you to keep track o data.

Custom-soft have various EHR system modules which are used by various medical organization in India, US, UK, Canada. Custom-soft are specialized in custom software development. 

So hurry up and get your own EHR system and practice management software. 

Email us for best EHR software system development at to get various cool EHR and practice management softwares.

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Medical Billing software

In a today's era it's important to keep track of every minute data. It may be of students, employees or patients.
In hospitals and clinic we need some good tool or software o manage the things. So we want a good Medical Billing and Coding Software
So we provide such custom softwares which will fulfill your need and will make it easy for you.
Also custom-soft provides good solutions for the system.
We provide best Clinical Software also so as to make work easy for the patients and clinic management or billing process. So Web Directories make your work less time consuming and you can custom your favorite things in the software.

We are custom software development company provides custom software solutions for you in India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia . So for more details and more assistance please send us a mail at

Friday, 22 April 2011

Custom Healthcare Software | Custom Healthcare Software Development | Custom Healthcare Solution Development Company India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia

Health care services are always very important and necessary in every individual. Now a days health-care  systems are growing and getting them changes with new technologies.
These systems are very much necessary to develop properly. So health care services offers all types of assistance like medical care, intensive care and custom healthcare software.

Custom Healthcare Software
In health care industries we require to make our field very much efficient. software electronic health or medical records system. Also we need to create a good electronic medical records  for filling users information and for billing process.
We have experience of various health care software product development. And we always prefer to create custom healthcare software.

We provide services in UK, US, Canada also. For more information send us a mail at

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Thursday, 21 April 2011

.Net Technology And .Net software development

Technology field is globalizing day by day and growing with new inventions, new programming platforms, new softwares. If you want to keep your business and your self updated with new world new you need to use new technologies.So you need get custom .net software development services.
Suppose now every small organization uses the database or transaction applications. But it's necessary to choosing the application platforms because of data efficiency and various process management.
.Net Technology provides us effective software modules and development process which provides various services as follows:
So this gives you to get your custom .net software development So for making a good .Net Software or application mail us at  

We provide services in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia.

General insurance softwares

Insurance companies and insurance process have gained various much respect and importance now a days in India, US, UK and in other region of the globe.
So as this field is increasing rapidly companies need better solutions to store their data, details of the users, keep track of every small thing i.e. services provided to users.
As they need their custom solutions, software and application so that things will be easy for them to handle.
Custom-soft is specially meant for custom software's and application developments. So we understand clients requirement and ready to create software's as per their requirement. We have custom software's like general insurance software and various other modules related with it.

So following modules we work for:

For further details contact us on to get insurance software's.
We have various customers and user from various countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia.

Insurance Policy softwares

Custom-soft has experience of years in developing commercial based and e-commerce software's. We provide software's globally and specially deal in areas like US, UK, Australia, Canada . Custom-soft has provided various software's to various companies and still handling these projects for those companies.
We have experience of creating application and software for fields like insurance, health-care, billing and all.
We have strong group of experts to handle those programming needs. Specially we have insurance policy software services.

Policy software also have various modules like:

So we understand you needs and develop useful solution for you. So get more about insurance software
And we work round the globe in US, UK, Canada.

Life insurance Software for you

Life insurance is the important aspect in one's life these days. Life insurance companies provides various services and solutions to their clients. They need to maintain every small information related with employee and keep track of the information and make necessary changes.
We understand our clients needs that's why we deal in custom insurance solution. We provide various software and modules related with heath-care software's, insurance software's and various commercial based application.
Here we are talking about life insurance software, so life insurance software have some benefits.
So the benefits are:

  • Huge database can be saved
  • Easy access to data when needed
  • Less time taken by transaction.
  • If needed new upgrade and modules can be added.
  • Information about life insurace is provided on portals also.
  • Online transaction and handling of software by end user if needed is easy.
So make easy and accessible custom software's with your basic requirements and additional services. To know more about life insurance software system write us at and get service as soon as possible.
We deal with various clients from Australia, Canada, India & UK.

Custom software Development: Custom Software Development, Custom Software Solution

Custom-soft is a leading software development company. Custom-soft provides various services also related to various programming technologies. Custom software development means producing your own software with our requirement.
Custom software developers are very much expert and experienced in technology field. And they are always ready to a step forward to fullfill requirements and need of the customer.We provide various software's and applications, which are systematically developed and designed. The frameworks of all the designs are created by our experts such as Custom .Net development.
Custom Soft always gives priority to their clients and keep track of work with them. We always provide our services on time. And we have 24/7 assistance for every query of end users.
We develop custom software's and application:
  • Custom java technology
  • Custom .Net development
  • Custom Delphi software and application 
  • Custom PHP software
  • Custom and asp development
  • Custom VB and development
These are technologies 
If you want to deal with one of the best developers in India, Us, UK then email us at and get you software done properly.