Monday, 13 June 2011

Asp.Net Programmer India, Software Developer India, Programming India

Asp.Net programmers are in high demand in today's Microsoft Development Professionals. No doubt that many legacy, desktop, client server applications are shifted to web technology by using Asp.Net, C#.Net, Ado.Net and so on. programming is one of the key skill provided by Custom Soft to its various clients from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
Asp.Net Programmer India

Our programmers are well trained, have experience of developing various complex systems especially in domains like Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Real Estate, Hotel, Logistics, e-Learning, LMS, HR, Human Resources.

Various systems developed by Custom Soft are:
Asp.Net ERP Development CRM Development DMS Development CMS Development LMS Development Learning Management System Hotel Management System Healthcare System EMR System Development Insurance System Development e-learning System EHR System Hotel Management System Room Reservation System

Our expert Programmer undertake various assignments like: migration, software development, application enhancement, software support, Programming using, testing and issue resolution, web development.

We thrust not only on technology but also understanding the Customer's business, business processes, Project Management and strong documentation.Our ISO 9001:2000 & CMM 3 processes helps successful programming. We assure you 100 % success to clients from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

For programmer India, programming India, developer India contact us for more details.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Select Healthcare DMS Software or DMS Software for Healthcare Intelligently

Now days having a perfect healthcare DMS software is need of every healthcare organization right from independent medical professionals to well-know healthcare firms running all overt the the world. Custom healthcare DMS system is also helpful for managing the medical documents of every customers.

Healthcare DMS Software

DMS Software for Healthcare 

Document management is a big problem while handling the healthcare firms for many organisations, so better way contacting a software development company and getting customized healthcare DMS ready for you is the best solution to all your needs and worries.

Custom Soft is very famous healthcare DMS software development company in India which actively working as an offshore software outsourcing IT company since 5 years. It has clients from USA,UK, Australia, Canada, Malaysia and Singapore.

We have expert technical developers and .Net, Java, Delphi, C#, ASP.Net and VB.Net programmers, who always deliver best quality software products in time.

Feel free 24x7 to contact us at any of our US, UK or India offices for any kind of DMS system for healthcare. The best way to reach us instantly is just drop an e-mail at and our sales team will get back to you within no time...

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Hospital Management Software | Hospital Management System | Custom Hospital Management Software Application Development Company India, UK, USA, Canada, Australia

Hospital management system development is important aspect  in healthcare field. Hospitals and clinics in every region of world always require a basic data processing software and data protection software so as keep track of daily task and daily info.
Hospital management software provides opportunity to enhance patients care and also helps to increase profitability among organisation. So always you need to take care of using best softwares among organisation.
Custom Soft has various expert developers to create softwares for their organisation. Custom Soft has handling clients from various regions from world and working in countries like USA, UK, Canada, India, Australia, France. 
Main aim is to provide best offshore software development services to clients. Thats why custom soft is keeping product and services quality at higher level.

Please feel free to contact us at to get best hospital management software for lifetime in very much reasonable cost.and reliable time.
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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Claims Management Software for Insurance Broker

Claims management software in full module of providing information and process handling by insurance claims.
Whenever you need to handle confidential and important data, it's very much necessary to choose best software or applications available. 
For claims management Insurance Claims Software has various important features and modules to keep track of every single data related with claims and clients.
So lets check what features actually claims management software offers you?
  • Feasible data usage.
  • Highly secure data protection and processing
  • Easily processing units and features.
  • Improved management and verification accuracy
  • Full integrations with CRM and document creations.
So get you own claims management software which is totally customized in your own way. So please send your details to us at also for more information for our other products and our clients from US, UK please visit our site Offshore Software Development.

We provide expertise to solve your difficulties and to make easy and handy software's for you.

Quoting software for insurance agents online - Insurance Quoting Software

The insurance quote and application software helps customers and small insurance agencies to analyze, search and apply or enroll for the specific insurance programs. 

Insurance quoting software helps individual customers or agents to find and take the insurance plan as per their needs and in the budget.

Insurance Quoting Software
Custom Soft offers best insurance quoting software which is customizable, user-friendly and can accessed online. Our technical expertise designs the quote software for insurance after total understanding of each clients having or not having enough insurance policy knowledge or experience.

Our quote software connects best working professionals with the great Plans as per the need and demands.
Custom Soft developed insurance quote software for clients from various leading insurance companies from USA, UK, Australia, and Canada with great usability feedback.

Grow fast in insurance field with custom insurance quote software & for it start now. For any further query just drop an e-mail at and our technical team will get back to you shortly. 

Perfect EMR Vendor for your EMR - Healthcare Software Development Need | EMR Software | EMR Software Development | Electronic Medical Record | EMR Software System Development Company UK, USA, India, Australia, Canada

EMR software system by Custom Soft is an electronic medical records solution specially developed to assist the healthcare service providers and it is also well known EMR vendor from India.

We develop EMR systems which can create, use and manage the records of the patients easily. Our aim behind building such EMR software solution is to enhance the experience of each patient about your healthcare organisation which intern helps you to grow in this field easily.

Custom Soft have team of expertise with strong experience in developing the healthcare software solutions for global clients from USA, UK, Australia, France, Singapore and Canada.

Electronic Medical Records or EMR Software
Our EMR software solution is useful as it saves the doctors valuable time involved doing paperwork and accessing patient history. It reduces overall cost of your every healthcare service.

We at Custom Soft have technically sound people which delivered till now customized EMR software systems satisfying the needs of many global healthcare organisations along with independent doctors and medical practitioners too.

Save your money, time involved in accessing and managing records of patients by developing a smart EMR with us. drop an email at for all you need in EMR: development, customization, maintenance, testing, enhancement etc.

Our electronic medical records or EMR systems are getting used by medical specialties from fields like -
obstetrics and gynecology, neurology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, cardiology & pediatrics etc.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Insurance DMS | Insurance DMS Software | Insurance Document Management Software

Insurance document management system or Insurance DMS is highly needed to manage the smooth flow of work in insurance industry. It provides comprehensive solution to the required paper work and also takes care of the paperless information storage involved in the whole insurance policy cycle.

Insurance DMS Software
Custom Soft’s Insurance Document Management System has features like:
  1. Management of all incoming as well as outgoing documents
  2. Documents from various channels and formats are managed automatically
  3. Classify documents
  4. Archive and annotate the documents
  5. Load documents from many channels like e-mail, mail, scanner or fax machine etc.
  6. Manage cataloger for all incoming insurance documents and attached to respective type like policies, claims, proposals, contacts etc  

Custom Soft is well known for its advanced insurance document management software including viewing & archiving functionality. We till now offer our insurance DMS development services to clients all around the globe including US, UK, Australia, Canada and France.

Feel free to contact by email at for developing the customized DMS for insurance satisfying any workflow.

Insurance Software the Smarter Way to Grow in Insurance Sector

Use o f custom insurance software services now day is the key success to grow your insurance business by customizing the insurance offering services. People becoming selective and thus you have to implement the same with custom insurance software system that you have multiple solutions to select from.

To crack today’s competitive market you require the customized software for insurance business which enhance your business expansion skills.

Insurance Software Services
Custom soft offer the insurance software development with all needed features considering all possible manners of yours business in low market time. The offshore software development services at Custom Soft involve consulting, maintenance, enhancement, customization as well as software outsourcing for all your insurance needs.

We offered till now insurance software systems and solutions to various top insurance companies from US, UK, Australia, Canada, Malaysia and Singapore etc.

Start a new journey in Insurance business by ordering software for insurance system you have! Contact us by email at

Java Programmer India : Java Programmer from India | Java Programmer Expert India

Main reason of Java / J2EE application development is reuse of the software products and components, which save basic development cost, needed each time for adding a new feature to existing software application.

We Custom Soft offers top class Java programmers on hourly basis as well as support design & development services for it. We deliver efficient Java software utilizing the services from J2EE framework such as JDBC, Java's Messaging Services (JMS) and Java Server Pages (JSP).

JAVA software Development | JAVA Programmer | J2EE Programmer India | J2EE Application Development Company India

Custom Soft offers expert Java programmers for Java application development and J2EE application development or N-Tier Application development along with the Java consulting services.

Java Programmers India
Custom Soft’s Java Programmer expertise Include:

  • Web services
  • JMS
  • J2EE Design Patterns
  • J2EE Design Patterns
  • JSP & Servlets
  • B2B Integration (ebXML, SOAP)
  • Application design and development on J2EE framework
  • Development on J2EE-compliant application servers

Hire JAVA Programmers or hire a dedicated Java programming resource for your application development as soon as you need by sending us an email at

We have offered Java programming services for clients across USA, UK, Australia and Canada as per their needs, on the monthly, hourly contract basis!!!

Choosing an offshore software development company

Finding the best offshore software development company in the market, which will offer a large scale of software services, is really a difficult one. It wise decision to select perfect offshore software Development Company which brings back exact value for invested money. Refer these steps which will help you in your search. 

Start with planning your software requirements and keep one thing in mind that the role of that software application is well known to you; one which you want to be developed, know about your target users from your organization as well as from market.

Get clear idea about your planned budget and always prefer the referrals from business partners, colleagues and social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook so as to get more number of resources in less time.

The very next step is evaluation of those short listed software companies by researching more deeply through calls and internet both. 

To do the evaluation of such software development companies try some factors like portfolio, quality of projects delivered clients speak etc. You also need to compare the price lists by those short listed development companies as and think about the value-for-money ratio. Final check is check for updated technologies used and if any similar project as per your needs then starts doing business with most prompt and responsive company...

Contact us by an E-mail at
Company Website :

We are offshore developers for more ISVs from USA, UK, Canada and Australia and delivered quality products satisfying more than 50+ clients around world right now!! 

Saturday, 4 June 2011 programmer India, programmer from India, programmer expert India

Vb.Net programmer from India is key skill provided by Custom Soft. The expert programmers from Microsoft Competency Center set up by Custom helps various clients from US, UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand to develop, support, enhance different complex .net systems. The programmers are well trained, technology experts & professionally groomed to serve our Clients. We also provide domain training and project management training to make projects 100% successful.

Vb.Net Programmer India
We deploy programmers for insurance, healthcare, real estate, retail, e-learning, logistics, ERP, CRM, Web development, SCM, CRM etc. We have various levels of resource pool for Vb.Net programmer, developer, programming Lead,.

We provide dedicated programmer as per Customer need on monthly basis, fixed project cost basis, time & material basis.

Contact us for your programmer India, programming India, developer from India requirement to

Custom Soft is well know for programmer from India to clients from US, USA, UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

Web based Healthcare System Software Development Company India

Web Based Healthcare Software is the need of the hour in Healthcare Industry. Many legacy healthcare applications are migrated to web technology in order to grab the benefits of web technology. Custom Soft has proved successful in migrating such legacy healthcare systems into web based healthcare systems by using various technologies like Microsoft .Net, Jav & PHP. The healthacre domain knowledge and technology expertise pool helps Custom Soft to build newly web based healthcare systems as well as migrate legacy healthcare systems into web based healthcare systems.

Web based Healthcare System Software
Which includes:
  • Web based EMR System
  • Web based EHR System
  • Web based Practice Management System
  • Web based Medical System
  • Web based Patient management system
The doctors, patients, practitioners & experts in healthcare industry are keen to explore benefits of web technology. Custom Soft help such practitioners, healthcare experts & doctors to develop strong healthcare systems.

Web based Healthcare System Software Development Company India

We at Custom Soft assure you the success to build strong web based healthcare system which will add cutting edge to your existing healthcare system. We have successfully delivered various web based healthcare systems to US, UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand. Feel free to contact us at

Friday, 3 June 2011

Tips to Select Top Software Outsourcing Company in India

Its a tough job to select the top software outsourcing company in India among many offshore software development companies worldwide. Because its very much  important to find right person or organisation to put forth your ideas into reality.
Custom Soft is dealing with various clients making their ideas and suggestion real in the form of custom softwares. As they have offshore clients they are into custom offshore software development.

So get a right company to make your dreams come true and get a new, fresh and authenticated software for your business. Please email us your inquiries at And also send us your project details to us.
Custom Soft is handling projects from USA, US, UK, Canada without any barriers so feel free to contact us.