Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Life Insurance System Implementation by CustomSoft

          Life Insurance System Implemented by CustomSoft is useful to reduce daily activities of Life Insurance Management. 

         CustomSoft have lot of experience in developing and delivering the Best quality life insurance software solutions as per the requirement and budget of clients from various countries.         
        The world is growing economically the need of life insurance software products like individual, group, and group pension as well as agency management also increased.

  •  Improved productivity.
  • Require shorter time-to-market with automated business processes.
  • Reduced business costs.
  • Increased flexibility and scalability with parametrized tariff and calculation tools, resulting in quicker service cycles and reliable data entry.
  • Efficient handling of transactions and documentation requirements
  • Enhanced fraud prevention with transaction auditing capability
  • Complete business view.
  • Insurance analytics and reports facility.

  • Flexible and dynamic components and tools that can be easily adapted to any business requirement
  • Integrated risk-analysis tools
  • Innovative product configuration with tariff and formula components to set up complex premium ratings
  • Deployable in both Internet and intranet environments

       CustomSoft is having talented team to develop Software System in various domains successfully. CustomSoft is successfully moving with the principle of client satisfaction and high quality Software, website and Applications.

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CustomSoft Life Insurance Software

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Small Business ERP Implementation by CustomSoft

        Small business ERP Software Implementation by CustomSoft is nothing but the amount of data handled by the system, complex screens and dashboards. Support is offered by the provider and the software is customized for the business industry.

          In ERP (enterprise resource planning) terminology, the Small business ERP is used to describe lightweight business management software that is designed to meet the needs of a small business.

·         Improved and efficient business with regular process management
·         Reduced number of common processes
·         Generate one centralized data daily and increase the accuracy in data accessibility

CustomSoft's offshore Customize ERP Application Development Offers:

·         ERP Implementations
·         Resource Planning
·         ERP Customization
·         ERP Management
·         ERP Consultancy
·         Outsource Enterprise

      CustomSoft is an offshore software development company working for USA, UK, and CANADA & EUROPE based clients.

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CustomSoft ERP

Monday, 8 February 2016

CustomSoft EHR Software Development

          CustomSoft EHR Software Development is nothing but the set of information for distributed personal health record in the form of electronic data. CustomSoft is India based Offshore software Development Company developed EHR Software to reduce work. 

·         100% satisfaction guarantee
·         Flexible Engagement Models
·         Huge Experience in Software Development
·         24/7 Support      
·         Reasonable Pricing
·         Dedicated Support

  • Enabling providers to improve efficiency and meet their business goals
  • Improving patient and provider interaction and communication, as well as health care convenience
  • Enabling safer, more reliable prescribing
  • Helping promote legible, complete documentation and accurate, streamlined coding and billing
  • Quick access to patient records
  • Securely sharing electronic information with patients
  • Effectively diagnose patients, reduce medical errors, and provide safer care
  • Enhancing privacy and security of patient data
  • Helping providers improve productivity and work-life balance 

        CustomSoft is also providing high quality, cost effective custom Application development and many business related outsourcing services to industries and enterprises around world.

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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

CustomSoft Library Management System

         CustomSoft Library Management System is the complete library management software solution that keeps track of information providers, information managers, resource managers & librarians to manage & disseminate information available in various kinds of resources.
  • Registration and Login
  • Keep record of different categories like; Books, Journals, Newspapers, Magazines
  • Subject wise Classification of books
  • Automatic fine calculation for late returns
  • Total no. of books
  • No. of issued books
  • No. of journals
  • New Books entry in easy way
  • Keep record of complete information of a book like Book name, Author name, Publisher’s name, Date/ Year of publication, Cost of the book, Book purchasing date/ Bill no
  • Notification Facility for librarian to remember their dates.
  • My Notes function
  • User can see the status of their books online
  • Cloud based Library Management System
  • No need to invest heavily on Hardware
  • Review and Feedback

        CustomSoft is custom offshore software outsourcing company with expertise in outsourced product development & enterprise application development services.

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