Wednesday, 28 September 2011

dot net services

dot net services: Concise Ad title will improve the chance of being clicked. So, to make your Ad easily searchable

Java Programming from India

Java Programming from India: Concise Ad title will improve the chance of being clicked. So, to make your Ad easily searchable

Monday, 26 September 2011

Hire Dedicated Java Programmer | Java Programmer in India

Java Application Development is current new buzzword in the field of software development. As Java provide user friendliness in the application. We at Custom Soft create various type of java application including Web application and standalone desktop application also.
Currently, we are providing our developer for the purpose of hiring to reduce your project development cost. Hire Java programmers from us and we will help quickly find the best resource to work on your project.
Hire Java Programmer
We only charge you the hourly rate and provide infrastructure for the development of your project. After completion of the project you can retain the developer for maintenance of your project. Our development team is capable of providing 24x7 Technical support.
The Java technologies is very useful in development of enterprise class Internet and Intranet applications such as customized software's, E-commerce applications, Web portals and the mobile applications. Our Java development team is experienced in development of all such applications. We have pool of experienced Java developers for your project development needs. Hire our Java programmers or Java programming team on monthly basis.
Our developers have extensive experience in development of complex web applications in Java technologies.

Benefits of hiring full-time dedicated Java Programmers

  • A favorable development environment.
  • Guaranteed timely communication.
  • Daily/Weekly reporting.
  • Easy coding style.
  • Strict delivery time.
  • Hardware and software infrastructure.
  • Access to internal Project Management System.
  • Unmatched development expertise.
SAVE UPTO 60% compared to conventional in-house employee hiring and hourly basis development cost.
Custom Soft have expert team of Java programmers who delivers the best outsourcing Java software products across globe. For instant start just write an email with your details at info@custom-soft.comand we will get back to you withing 24 hours.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

PHP Web Services | PHP Web Services India

PHP Web Services

PHP has flared its dominance in the filed of web services. This general purpose programming language is widely used for developing dynamic websites. Custom web development is easier with PHP,MYSQL and many other open source development application.PHP Web services is used to create dynamic webpages and various other web solutions.
PHP can be easily embedded into HTML and with other dynamic visual applications like Flash, Ajax. It can easily Support to several databases like Oracle, Informix, MySQL etc. A PHP developed website requires less code usage and boast a memory building option of its own. Gathering outside object codes is very rare in PHP based applications.

Today, most of the business houses opt for PHP Web Services as it helps to cut down both the time as well as the effort of creating an attractive website. PHP is compatible with all the operating system and can also be used to make client-side GUI applications and command-line scripting.
PHP Website Development is fast, free and stable and guarantees secure interface. a PHP based application is easy to work upon. Hardly any external plug-ins are required to run program, rather, can be executed wholly by the server, requiring nothing from the end users.
Custom-soft serves customer with betters PHP web services and solution. Custom-soft is one of the best quality service providers in India, UK and US. We are Expert in helping clients all the time according to their requirements. Custom-soft serves hundreds of other web services simultaneously.

Make a smart move by sending us an e-mail at with all your details and our technical team will get back to you soon. Start a journey towards success by using our best PHP Web Services now!

Hire Expert PHP Programmer from India | Hire Dedicated PHP Programmer from India

Hire Expert PHP Programmer from India | Hire Dedicated PHP Programmer from India

Monday, 19 September 2011

PHP Programmer | Hire PHP Programmer in India

Hire Dedicated PHP Programmer

Are you need for a highly skilled, qualified and equally dedicated PHP Programmer for your new project or for the maintenance of your current project? Custom soft is the perfect place for your requirements. Programming is an art of fitting its code in an effective fashionable manner. It is also equally important to understand how everything works from the technical point of view.

PHP is the short form of Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a scripting language used for creating dynamic web pages connected to the database. It is also used for server-side application software development. PHP programming reduces the work load of the users’ computers by processing the maximum data on server and making the loading of web pages faster. It provides you with the advantage of centralized data which makes creating a dynamic content easier. PHP is a type of programming that can run on any platform. Any database available can be connected with PHP. It mixes well with the databases like MYSQL. PHP can also run on Linux, Solaris, Windows and any other operating systems

Custom soft provides you quality services at the best affordable prices. Our team of highly experienced PHP Programmers has a great working knowledge for PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Search Engine Optimization and other programming systems. We offer you excellent services in web applications development, custom e-commerce store developments and web designing.

E-mail your deatils at or fill a Enquiry Form for getting excellent PHP Programmer and software development service in India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

PHP Content Management System Development | PHP CMS

The term open source refers to a free and easy availability of the source code for software applications – this can be readily duplicated and distributed among others. It is much more than access; it gives you the access to use it and give it to others for usage and even initiate changes in its configurations as per your requirements.

Open source content management systems refer to the free and convenient availability of advanced software applications that will help you to effectively manage and access your website.There are several functions of a website that is related to its content and you will need these applications for better handling of the various processes.

There are many open source content management systems available for downloads and usage. Here are the names of a few that are well known for their available options and ease of usage. Many types of PHP CMS have come into being for PHP platforms. To highlight a few, which are in vogue are:

wordpress :The very famous and live wordpress through its blogging platform;
Drupal- for its core CMS functionality with many a customizable utility;
Joomla- as an advanced version of Drupal;
SilverStripe: SilverStripe is popular as a PHP CMS with many configurable options, content version control and built-in SEO support;
Text Pattern: Text Pattern being popular for its unique blend of simplicity and elegance, and the use of tExtile mark-up language to create rich HTML;
Expression Engine: Expression Engine is popular with its intuitive interface, custom global variables, SQLs and built-in versioning system;
TYPOlight: TYPOlight is popular with innumerable features and configurable options to render enhanced functionality, the JSP-based Alfresco;
Cushy CMS : Cushy CMS is highly simple, language-independent system; the Ruby-based Radiant, which is just optimal with functionality and features etc.

We have delivered various customized PHP CMS software application to many customers across USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India.
Make a smart move by sending us an e-mail at with all your details and our technical team will get back to you soon. Start a journey towards success by using our best PHP CMS software now!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Hire .NET Programmer | Hire ASP.NET programmer

.NET Programmer
.Net is one of the top reputed technologies used to develop various business and e commerce applications. Custom Soft is dealing in .net development services since 10 years by providing .Net programmer team in USA, UK and Australia. Hire dot net Programmer from us and save around 50% of project costs.
Custom Soft offers hire .net Programmer service for your various .Net Programming requirements. Our dot net Programmer are expert in Microsoft .Net technologies for the premium web development applications to meet all the online business & social needs of the modern times.

Hire Our Expert Dot Net programmer Who Can:
  • Optimize the use of .NET framework as per your business requirements
  • Easily customize and deploy a web application
  • Help you serve multiple users
  • Support compatible programming languages like C#, ADO.NET and VB.NET.
  • Custom Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • E commerce development
  • Any custom ASP.Net web application tool
  • Cost-effective solutions for your business processes
Benefits of Our .Net Hiring Service:
  • Quality of Service
  • Efficiency
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Data Security
  • Get experienced and highly skilled dot net developers
  • Hired dot net programmer will work exclusively for you.
  • High-speed communications and live chat conferencing capabilities.
  • DOT NET developers will work only on your projects 100%
Custom Soft has built a wide experience in providing Microsoft .Net solutions and .Net application development services. Our dot net developers are highly efficient in C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server etc. Hire.Net programmer from us who will work delicately on creating high end web based application with latest technological advancements.
Find more information about our dot net development services visit –

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Windows application in .NET

.NET Window Application
.NET Windows Application is really inappropriate as a project title, considering that it has the ability to be compiled to IL and ported to another operating system where it can be natively compiled. We'll use this term only because it's the name of the project type in .NET.
Rather than attempting to demonstrate every feature related to developing Windows applications in Visual Basic .NET, we will use key features and tools that will help you see the object-oriented nature of .NET as you work with the standard design components in the Visual Studio .NET. The main focus of this application is to introduce you to some key factors related to .NET development using forms and controls, while looking at their underlying implementation in .NET.

Working with .NET Forms and Controls

The .NET version of a form has many new features. In .NET window application development, all languages create a form based on the System.Windows.Forms.Form class in the common language run time libraries. When I say "based on," I am actually referring to an OOP concept known as implementation inheritance, which allows one type to establish a relationship to another type for the purpose of inheriting functionality. Look at it this way: Visual Basic has always had forms, but we have never had to design into them the ability to be resided or minimized or to display a blue title bar, and so on. All that functionality was inherited from a generic Form object when we added the form to our project.

Even in Visual Basic 6 we could declare a variable of type Form, and a new object would be created in memory that had its own Name, hind, caption, and so on. Even the first piece of code you see in Visual Basic .NET requires that you have some understanding of Inheritance, as you can see in the Visual Basic .NET code that follows.
Make smarter move by sending an email at quickly for .NET Services. Custom Soft is one such company that has expertise in the field of .NET Services and easily provided complex and advanced solution to many clients across globe including India, USA, UK, Canada and Japan.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

.NET Services | .NET Services in India

.NET Services
.Net Services plays major role in .net software applications and development. It plays an important role in programming and software industry. Their are many application developed in .NET .
Custom-soft is one of the best .net services provider in India, UK, US. We have professional .NET developer with us having large experience in various different .NET software development.
Benefits of .Net services:
  • Good programming environment
  • .Net migration services are available in case of upgrade
  • New user controls and add-on to make better products .
  • Services offered are good
  • Easy to handle database and connections
  • Large amount of data can be handled at a time
Make smarter move by sending an email at quickly for .NET Services. Custom Soft is one such company that has expertise in the field of .NET Services and easily provided complex and advanced solution to many clients across globe including India, USA, UK, Canada and Japan.