Monday, 19 September 2011

PHP Content Management System Development | PHP CMS

The term open source refers to a free and easy availability of the source code for software applications – this can be readily duplicated and distributed among others. It is much more than access; it gives you the access to use it and give it to others for usage and even initiate changes in its configurations as per your requirements.

Open source content management systems refer to the free and convenient availability of advanced software applications that will help you to effectively manage and access your website.There are several functions of a website that is related to its content and you will need these applications for better handling of the various processes.

There are many open source content management systems available for downloads and usage. Here are the names of a few that are well known for their available options and ease of usage. Many types of PHP CMS have come into being for PHP platforms. To highlight a few, which are in vogue are:

wordpress :The very famous and live wordpress through its blogging platform;
Drupal- for its core CMS functionality with many a customizable utility;
Joomla- as an advanced version of Drupal;
SilverStripe: SilverStripe is popular as a PHP CMS with many configurable options, content version control and built-in SEO support;
Text Pattern: Text Pattern being popular for its unique blend of simplicity and elegance, and the use of tExtile mark-up language to create rich HTML;
Expression Engine: Expression Engine is popular with its intuitive interface, custom global variables, SQLs and built-in versioning system;
TYPOlight: TYPOlight is popular with innumerable features and configurable options to render enhanced functionality, the JSP-based Alfresco;
Cushy CMS : Cushy CMS is highly simple, language-independent system; the Ruby-based Radiant, which is just optimal with functionality and features etc.

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