Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Hospital Managemet System Software

We at Custom-Soft build customize Hospital Management System software. It is custom built software built to meet requirement of hospitals across the globe. All the required modules and features, in Hospital Management System software have been particularly built to fit in to customer’s requirement.

This package has been widely accepted by the clients in India and overseas. We provide healthcare practice management software, healthcare software product; web based healthcare software, healthcare DMS software and hospital workflow management easily customizable to the requirements of any hospital. With Custom-Soft , the solutions to all your time-consuming queries are just a click away as it will lead you to cost minimization, coordination of benefits, and program integrity services for your healthcare organization. 

Not stopping only to this but they are highly satisfied client based present with us. The package can be modified as per the needs and requirements of our clients. Prolonged study of the functionality of the hospital and its specific requirement has given it a wonderful shape both technically and usability wise. It covers all the required modules right from Patient Registration, Medicine Pharmacy, Doctor, Wards, HR & Payroll, Admin and other required modules.

Hospital Management System (HMS) Features:
  • Manage patient records.
  • Manage databases for treatments, illness and billings.
  • Manage hospital information like sections, doctor details and admin staff.
Hospital Management System (HMS) Solutions Benefits:
  • Fats Customer Service
  • Instant Registration
  • Automatic EMR
  • Instant Bills and Reports
  • Manage Hospital Payroll
  • Manage Pharmacy Need
  • Instant Lab Reports
  • Management of Physiotherapy sessions
  • Manage Revisit discounts
Hospital Management System (HMS) Key Features:
  • HMS manages hospital, doctor and patient records
  • Improved efficiency in healthcare service
  • Increase patient care
  • Increase nurse’s productivity
  • Save time spent in form filling
  • Manage costs for multiple diagnosis and reports.
Custom Soft delivered to various expert hospital management systems, which includes the customizable modules as per the needs of clients across globe from USA, UK, India, Malaysia, Japan and Australia. Feel free to contact us at for any queries.

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