Thursday, 14 July 2011

EHR Software to Healthcare Industry

Electronic Health Record (EHR) is nothing but set of information of distributed personal health record in the form of electronic data. EHR is generated for a patient in health care service center for giving the health information by one or more healthcare representatives. 

Custom Soft is a specialized Electronic Health Record (EHR) software development Company from India. We change ourselves as healthcare industry change. We had developed customize EHR software for hundred clients across USA, UK, Canada, Australia.

For healthcare industry, we created customize application from web based to desktop based. Application such as, healthcare practice management software, Hospital management System, healthcare DMS, web based healthcare and customized healthcare software as per customer’s requirement. 

Contact us at info@custom-soft and know more about out EHR Software (Electronic Health Records Software) system development and get one for your healthcare organization too.

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  1. DataNet Solutions, Inc. is a certified healthcare software development company provides a complete EHR solution & Service provider for EHR (Electronic Health Record), EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and Medical Practice Management Software