Monday, 7 November 2011

Purchase Order Software | Purchase Order Management Software

Purchase Order Software
Purchase order management system is useful for network system for providing the purchase orders and managing the processes involved in retails purchasing order activities.It has features which allow the customer to maintain the specified combined policies and regulations like localities numbers and plural recipients involved in those localities.

At Custom Soft; the purchase order management software takes care of the customer queries asking multiple batches inclusive products in one batch for delivery, all the common data is fetched from database for generating recipient group code.
Purchasing System software allows tracking the order, and getting inventory items and property details. Purchase system can handle different purchase types, receive of goods logging, quality control, matching of invoices against P.O.´s and exception handling when a match is not complete.
When the invoice arrives it is matched against the P.O. If it does not match the criteria for approval, the invoice is sent for exception handling and manual authorization.

Purchase Order System Software Features:
  • Approve Purchase Order
  • Schedule Delivery
  • Manage Catalog And History for Suppliers
  • Agreements and terms of Use
  • Automate Purchase Order Creation
  • Manage Accounting Software Functionalists
  • Manage History of Cost of each Purchased Items
  • Receive PO/ PO Report Generation
Purchase order management System Benefits:
  • One PO system for every item purchases
  • Detailed orders generation
  • Management of completed and deleted order lists
  • Manage accounting history
  • Searching functionality included
  • Self-audit with rank report creation is in-built feature
  • Automated data-recovery in critical hardware failure or in case power failure
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