Monday, 18 May 2015

Customized School Management System introduced by Custom-Soft

        Customized School Management System introduced by Custom-Soft is wonderful software which helps institutes to manage in a standard and structured way.

        Custom-Soft School management system is developed to cater to the needs of the educational sector. This software will help you systematize and efficient process building. Custom- Soft School Management system is designed and developed by considering all the system of educational institutions in depth which will reduce the stress behind its working.

Modules of Custom-Soft School Management system:

1.Admin Module: Admin module is the heart and soul of Custom-Soft school management software. It manages student details, exam Details, timetable details, library details, transport details, HR, promotional activity details and so on
It also student admission process and saves all student records.

2.Teachers Module: This module allows teachers and other staff to maintain and manage attendance record, exam results through password login/ logout.
Teachers can also update reports on students performance and attendance. It helps teachers to reduce their workload and amend new and innovative plans for students.

3.Students Module: This modules helps students to check their status, attendance, library record and results also. Student can renew library books online. No need to rush to the library to check the availability of book or to review the existing book.

4.Parents Module: This module helps the parent to pay fees, to check the child’s results, to communicate with teachers, to get meeting schedule, exam schedules, syllabus, event calendar etc.

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