Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Custom Software Solutions –

 software is an enhanced version of Visual Basic used to develop .net applications. is mostly used to develop web applications, desktop applications and web services

Benefits of using Custom JSF:

  • VB.NET provides managed code execution that runs under the Common Language Run time (CLR), resulting in robust, stable and secure applications. All features of the .NET framework are readily available in VB.NET
  • VB.NET uses XML to transfer data between the various layers in the DNA Architecture i.e. data are passed as simple text strings.
  • The CLR takes care of garbage collection i.e. the CLR releases resources as soon as an object is no more in use. This relieves the developer from thinking of ways to manage memory. CLR does this for them.
  • Another crucial difference between VB 6 and VB .NET is that VB .NET is a true object-oriented language. VB .NET also introduces a number of new features, such as better threading and structured error handling.
  • It's much easier to write modular code and extensible code with the .net languages and even has a good object oriented structure, so code reuse is much easier.
  • Hassel free deployment
  • allows direct access to the platform
  • Flexible and simplified data access

       Custom Soft having talented team to develop software in various domains successfully. Custom Soft successfully moving with the principle of client satisfaction and high quality software.

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  2. I like to work on VB.NET ...features added are good.