Monday, 11 January 2016

Custom-Soft EMR Implementation India

       Custom-Soft EMR Implementation offers various healthcare process management services, which saves time as well as money ensuring the best customer services to their patients.
      EMR Implementation by Custom-Soft having large demand as it is developed considering all the features and requirement of Healthcare sector.
       EMR Implementation contains customized EMR Solution for each individual patient as per need. It increases the efficiency of physicians and reduces cost of management like scheduling the appointments of patients, revisits to office and laboratories.

·         Demographics of Patient
·         Patient Appointment Scheduler
·         Clinical history with records of patient’s every visit
·         Medical Billing Software
·         Reports with the Progress Notes
·         Assist to the physician by Prescription Writer
·         Records the Lab Orders
·         Document Manager
·         All-inclusive Reports
·         Review Column

     EMR Implementation India by Custom-Soft has several automated processes Recommendations about preventative healthcare:
·         Online pharmacy services that provide e-prescription for medicines
·         Pre-defined treatment options for common ailments
·         Easy-to-use electronic medical charts
·         Workflows that can be customized to match your office's needs
·         Complete demographic data of every patient
·         Recommendations regarding drug dosages
·         Alerts about interactions and allergies
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