Thursday, 18 August 2016

Best blog Shared by CustomSoft on Self Discipline

A wonderful thought shared by Dennis  Prager ,” Happiness is depends on Self Discipline. We are the biggest Obstacles to our own happiness.  It is much easier to do battle  with the society and to others than to fight  our nature.”

Self Discipline is a skill that can be developed and improved by practice. Once you have made the plan and done the other necessary things, you have only one thing to do “Just focus on showing up and doing what you have to”. With time this is going to be a lot more enjoyable and rewarding than if you had chosen not to do this. Self Discipline will make you a successful leader; while the process of becoming a leader may be simple it is not easy to do.

There are some ways which will help you to become a Self Disciplined person as well as a good leader-

  • Inner desire to do: If any work comes don’t do as it is required but do it from bottom of your heart. Your inner desire will help you to finish the task more efficiently.
  • Have a Clear Plan: Have a clear plan and for a start only plan the time allocation and the activity.
  • Make things happen –Smart and hard work will make the things done. Do not rely on luck or chance of things going your way or you feeling motivated at an opportune moment.
  • Trust yourself: Set some goals and deadlines for yourself. Trust yourself and think positively while moving towards completion of any work.
  • Do not pressurize yourself:  Set a proper process and plan to do the task. Do not pressurize yourself. Keep your mind cool, so that you can concentrate on your target. While planning for the task, consider the obstacles and problems you may face and try to avoid it.
  • Compete with Yourself:  Compete with rather than with others because any improvement in you than the previous one is a success and achievement.

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