Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Custom Software for Insurance Broker

      Custom Soft Insurance Broker Software is a powerful software tool for Insurance brokerage agencies.
       It is the fully automated system which tracks all the insurance brokerage transactions and ensures quick accurate reports activities. Insurance Broker Software allows users unlimited access to a clients profile. 


  • Registration
  • Sending Slips to Insurer for Quotations
  • Receiving Quote from Insurer
  • Facility to print broking slips and accounting documents
  • Different currency support
  • Business Profile Management
  • Alerts for follow-up of claim payments
  • Customer Acquisition and Relationship Management
  • Quotations Management
  • Office Management
  • Leads Management


  • Improved brokerage management
  • Better revenue reporting
  • Quick Policy Reviews and Due date reminders
  • Reduced paper work and administration costs
  • Better Policy Cover management
  • Easy and Quick Business Reporting
  • User Performance Reporting

        Custom Soft provides offshore software development, custom software design and outsourcing application development, web application development as well as software solution customization and support.
       Custom Soft has talented team for development of software in various domains. Custom Soft is successfully moving with the principle of client satisfaction.

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  1. Very well written blog by Custom Soft India

  2. I saw its demo.. like a lot.. great and useful system