Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Custom Software for Jewellery shop Management

        It is very difficult to categorize jewellery items on the basis of their manufacturing dates. Hence to solve this problem Custom-Soft developed Jewellery Shop Management Software. Jewellery Shop Management Software helps to sells various types of Jewellery items.
        Custom-Soft Jewellery Management Software functionality allows you to give better customer service and be more proactive with sales.

  • Registration
  • Customer Details Management
  • Different types of Jewellery
  • Rate Management
  • Discount Section
  • Purchase Report Management
  • Payment Gateways
  • Bill Print
  • Two Accounts :Admin, Employee
  • Jewellery and Customer Information backup
  • Date and Time Management
  • Time Attendance system for staff
  • Exchange of old jewels
  • Tallying day end cash 
  • Feedback and Comments

          Custom-Soft is Pune based software development company custom soft work on healthcare solution, Insurance Solution, EMR Solution, E-learning Solution.
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